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If your organization has a restrictive firewall or a security application or appliance, it might interfere with or block your Quickify AI project from being accessed or present your audience with a security warning. In this article we'll review:


Some organizations have stringent firewalls, security applications or appliances that can flag or block the passing of data by default. If this is the case at your company, Quickify AI may appear to be working randomly - well for some users, sporadic errors or threat messages for some, and blocked outright for others.

Security warnings and threats

If you or your audience experience an error message that looks like a security breach or a threat, chances are this is an error message from your IT department, and not a material breach of your Quickify AI project. 

You may see error messages that look like this:

Your connection is not private

This site is blocked due to a security threat

The examples above are for demonstration purposes only.

Domain whitelisting

Domain whitelisting is a security measure used in information technology to control which internet domains a network or device can access. This method is typically used by organizations to prevent access to potentially harmful or unauthorized websites, enhancing overall network security.

It's particularly useful in environments where security is paramount, such as government, financial, and healthcare sectors. However, whitelisting can be restrictive and may need frequent updating to accommodate legitimate changes in internet resources and business needs.

Whitelisting your Quickify AI domains ensures compliance with your company firewall, security application or appliance.

Whitelisting your Quickify AI domains

Here is the list of domains you'll need to send to your IT team to add to their whitelist. 

Main - Your Project Domain


Other - Domains to ensure compliance

If you receive an error or threat message after whitelisting your domains, please contact your IT department for support.

History and Security

Quickfiy AI has passed stringent tests in some of the most demanding environments including financial services and healthcare. 

For more on our history including timeline, customers, technical infrastructure, security protocols, etc. please read The Story Behind Quickify AI.

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