Which domains should my IT whitelist?

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What is whitelisting?

Sometimes your IT department has a really restrictive firewall for security or other reasons.

In some cases, in order for your TIQ project to run smoothly, you'll need to ask your IT department to authorize certain TIQ URL's (website addresses) to work with your organizations network or firewall.

For example, most organizations don't allow Facebook, YouTube, etc. The IT department blocks the use of these sites.

Whitelisting a URL allows a site URL to be freely accessible by anyone on their internal network without interruptions.

Why does TIQ need to be whitelisted?

TIQ Software requires data to be passed and saved between different domains.

Because some organizations have stringent firewalls that either flag or block the passing of data by default, TIQ can't work at full capacity.

All TIQ projects are safe and secure and have passed stringent tests in various industries including financial services and healthcare. 

For more information, please check out our Overall Controls Package (OCP) information for more info.

What should I do next?

In order to have the best possible environment for your TIQ project, you'll need to request that your IT department whitelist the following TIQ URL's*:


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