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Why isn't my domain working inside my organization?

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Sometimes your IT department has a restrictive firewall that may not allow your Quickify AI domain to work inside your organization. 

What is whitelisting?

In order for your learning program to run smoothly, you might need to whitelist your domain [yourcompany] to work with your organizations network or firewall.

For example, most organizations block access to Facebook, YouTube, etc. and only allow or "whitelist" specific domains. 

Why do I need whitelisting?

Quickify AI's data needs to be passed and saved between different domains.

Because some organizations have stringent firewalls that either flag or block the passing of data by default, Quickify AI may not work at full capacity.

Is this safe and secure?

It is. Quickfiy AI has passed stringent tests in various industries including financial services and healthcare. 

For more information, please check out our Quickify AI - Background, partners, and platform article for more info.

What should I do next?

If you're having trouble loading your Quickify AI inside your organization, please request that your IT department whitelist your Quickify AI domain name. 

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