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There are different ways to find and source images including using stock photography or hiring a professional photographer. 

Using images directly from the internet without proper permission from the photographer or artist violates TIQ Software's terms of use.

Stock Photography

If you have a limited budget, stock images might be a good fit. There are several stock photography sites that offer high quality images for free and we've included some free stock photos in your Media library.

Some stock examples include:

Stock Photography - Paid

There are also paid stock photography sites where you can sign up for an account to purchase individual images or you can get a monthly subscription to their image collections.

Many stock photo websites allow you to save images to a lightbox (folder) prior to downloading. This is great if your organization requires approval before you decide to purchase individual images.

Some popular paid stock image sites include:

Things to note:

  • Double check the licensing restrictions of an image before purchasing to make sure it can be used the way you intend.
  • When you purchase an image, you can  download it at various resolutions and sizes. Have a look at our article on changing images to make sure your image fits TIQ's requirements.
  • Anyone can purchase the same image as you so keep in mind that you may see this image somewhere else (you don't own the image outright).

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