How do I use the developer console?

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When testing your TIQ project, an issue may arise related to your firewall, internal network, or an unknown technical issue.

In order for our team to help you resolve the issue, we may need you to use the Developer Tools in your browser - specifically the JavaScript Console.

Accessing your console

To access the JavaScript Console,  go the Google Chrome menu and select:

View > Developer Tools > JavaScript Console


What does the console look like?

It looks something like this. . .


If you see an error message in red, don't worry, this is a good thing! We'll know exactly what's happening. 

Take a screenshot

Please take a screenshot of your screen with the entirety of the JavaScript Console.

Next, send us a ticket - please don't forget to include the screenshot as an attachment. 

We'll have a look at it, and get back to you ASAP with a solution!


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