How should I set up external testing of my course?

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Question 1 - How many people should I include in the test?

According to various studies, you only need 5 users to test your digital application (that's right, five!). This research is backed up by articles from Neilson Norman Group and this UX piece featured in Medium

Question 2 - How long should we keep the trial period open?

The simple answer is as long as needed to get the intended results but we usually recommend a length no longer than 2-3 weeks for a targeted trial period.

Question 3 - How should we send out the user testing accounts?

We recommend using a tool like MailChimp or any digital newsletter tool that will allow you to send the following information :

  1. Your project link
  2. The user accounts created (optional if users can create their own accounts)
  3. A link to a survey to collect results

Question 4 - What should we use for our survey?

Here are some example templates:


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