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For TIQ customers who have access to the customer dashboard, you also have access to Basics - TIQ Module Performance Estimates. This section of the dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of how the users in the module are performing.

Here's how to interpret each of the performance estimates listed on that section of the dashboard:

In Progress: Unique users that have started the module (clicked Start on the Welcome page), but have not completed the module yet.

Completions: Unique users that have achieve 100% completions by unlocking all the badges in the module.

Module Completions: Percentage of users that have started the module, but have not yet completed it.

Incorrect Answers: Percentage of incorrect answer given by all users across the entire module.

Questions Displayed: Total number of questions that all users have seen while going through the module.

Answers Submitted: Total number of answers given by all users while going through the module. By default users can try again when getting a wrong answer. Some game types also have multiple right answers per question. For example, each item dragged in Drag & Drop games is considered an answer.

Average Score: Average score from all active users in the module.

Average Session Length: Average amount of time users spend on the module before leaving.


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