What do Estimates mean?

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Estimates gives you an at-a-glance overview of how your audience is performing in your course.

What does it all mean?

Here's how to interpret each of the performance estimates listed on that section of the dashboard:

In Progress: Unique users that have started the module (clicked Start on the Welcome page), but have not completed the module yet.

Completions: Unique users that have achieve 100% completions by unlocking all the badges in the module.

Course Completions: Percentage of users that have started the module, but have not yet completed it.

Incorrect Answers: Percentage of incorrect answer given by all users across the entire course.

Questions Displayed: Total number of questions that your audience has seen while going through the course.

Answers Submitted: Total number of answers given by your audience while going through the course. By default your audience can try again when getting a wrong answer. Some tasks also have multiple right answers per question. For example, each item dragged in Drag & Drop games is considered an answer.

Average Score: Average score from your audience in the course.

Average Session Length: Average amount of time your audience spends in the course before leaving.


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