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The For Creators section provides links to each part of a TIQ project so you can quickly find what you need and how to create content for it. 

Writing Content

Each piece of content needed will have a text box associated with it. These will have recommended character count limits for the best user experience.

Following character count limits help to enhance user experience and fit within the design specifications. 

Design Tools

If you have a design team or are not sure what image dimensions or format to use, each of our articles has a "Design Tools" section with links to sample files (including safe zones).

For Creators

Application Content

TIQ projects have 4 parts:


TIQ Software uses 13 task types, across three categories.

Media tasks are ideal for conveying information to the user in a more direct manner. Ideally used for overviews, introductions, walkthroughs, or complex information. 

Activities are playable tasks. They include a variety of styles, such as choose the correct answer, and drag-and-drop. 

Scenarios are ideal for presenting real-world situations with in-depth information. They set up a scenario, either with just the user or with characters, to interact with. 


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