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A Quickify AI Flashcard is a one page information activity.

It provides additional learning or context, paired with an important image.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Flashcard:

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Flashcard can be used at the beginning or in the middle of a course to start a new section of activities. It can provide further information, relay a message, give tips, or introduce a topic. Flashcard differs from a standard Slideshow because it has no Title Screen, and only displays a single slide. It awards your user points and a badge on completion.

Flashcards can be used to:

  • Deliver a message from a character - company initiatives, priorities, objectives, etc.
  • Specify Quickify AI features - how the Menu, Points, or Badges work.
  • Highlight one specific learning objective.
  • Reinforce specific learning objectives from a previous or upcoming activity.
  • Provide a Call to Action - link to an external resource.


Here are some items to keep in mind when you're writing a Flashcard:

  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short and to the point
  • Ensure a consistent tone and style
  • Avoid additional jargon, buzzwords, or filler words
  • Try to keep an active voice - write in the now or future, instead of the past
  • Break up large blocks of text into smaller paragraphs for easier reading


The image can be placed on the left or right side of the text. 




Text Box Character Count
Title 30
Description 400
End Message Description 200

You can adjust your Flashcard by customizing the Badge or Audio.


Create your images @2x (e.g. 1920 by 2160) for a crisper image if there's text in the image.

File Type PNG, JPG
Image Dimensions 960 x 1080

Download the working file, which includes a safe zone layer: Image Resource (.PSD)

The primary focus of the image should be within the safe zone to ensure the image works in most aspect ratios.


Can I add a link to my Flashcard content?

Yes, you can link to information that pertains to the course topic.


Here are some direct examples to help you visualize the format and layout of a great Flashcard activity.

Executive Message

Financial Risk Training


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