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What is Flashcard? 

A Flashcard is a one-page information task.

It provides additional learning or context, especially paired with an important image.

How to Edit Flashcard

Main Page


End Message


Step 1: Edit Content

Text Box Character Count
Title 30
Main Text 400
End Body Text 200

You can adjust your task by adding an Introduction slide, a Summary slide, or customizing your Awards pop-up.

Step 2: Add Design

Below are the file specifications needed for the image. 

File Type PNG, JPG
Image Dimensions 960 x 1080

You can create your images @2x (e.g. 1920 by 2160) for a crisper image if there's text in the image.


Click on the link below to download working files:

The file linked above includes a safe zone layer.

The primary focus of the image should be within the safe zone to ensure the image works in most aspect ratios.


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