Fill in the Blank

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What is Fill in the Blank?

A drag-and-drop style task where the player must read a sentence with a word missing and select the correct word from the list.

Fill in the Blank Variations

Type Image Example
Fill in the Blank: Text tiq-software-fillintheblank.png
Fill in the Blank: Image tiq-software-fillintheblank-image.png

How to Edit Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank Text


Fill in the Blank Image


Step 1: Edit Content

For the best user experience, limiting the number of questions to 8 or less is recommended.

Text Box Character Count
Sentence 200
Missing Word 30

You can adjust your task by adding an Introduction slide, a Summary slide, or customizing your Awards pop-up.

Step 2: Add Images

Below are the file specifications needed for the Fill in the Blank Image task.

File Type PNG, JPG
Image Dimensions 400 x 150


Click on the link below to download working files:


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