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Fill in the Blank is a Quickify AI drag-and-drop style activity where the user must select the correct word to complete the sentence.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Fill in the Blank:

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Fill in the Blank is used for sentence or paragraph style content where your user must remember keywords. Your user will see a sentence with a missing word and they must click and drag the correct word into the blank space. Correct answers turn green and stay, but incorrect answers will turn red and bounce back, giving your user a chance to try again. This is a timed activity and awards your user points and a badge on completion.


Here are some items to keep in mind when you're writing a Fill in the Blank:

  • Keep your sentences short and to the point
  • Ensure a consistent tone and style
  • Avoid additional jargon, buzzwords, or filler words
  • Use keywords as the missing word in the sentence
  • Avoid putting the missing word at the beginning or end of a sentence




For the best user experience, limit the number of questions to 8 or less.

Text Box Character Count
Sentence 200
Missing Word 20

You can adjust your activity by adding an Introduction slide, a Summary slide, or customizing your Badges or Audio.


Why can't I add more than one word in the answer field?

This is how the activity is designed. It focuses your user on a specific keyword in a sentence. 


Here are some direct examples to help you visualize the format of a great Fill in the Blank activity. 

Screenshot (3740).png
Social Media Policy

Screenshot (2858).png
Employee Onboarding

Screenshot (3736).png
Product Knowledge

Screenshot (3739).png
Fire Safety Training


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