Fill in the Blank - Specs

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A drag-and-drop style task where the player must read a sentence with a word missing and select the correct word from the list.

It focuses on keywords or equations the user should learn within a sentence of importance.


Type Image Example
Fill in the Blank - Text tiq-software-fillintheblank.png
Fill in the Blank - Image tiq-software-fillintheblank-image.png

Content Requirements

For the best user experience, limiting the number of questions to 8 or less is recommended.

Character Count Limits

Text Box Character Count
Sentence 200
Missing Word 30


Design Requirements

Below are the file specifications needed for the Fill in the Blank Image task.


File Type PNG, JPG
Image Dimensions 400 x 150

Design Tools

Below are additional resources for creating images. 

Click on the link below to download working files (.PSD):


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