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How do I edit my landing page?

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What is the Landing Page?

This page displays your course(s), in addition to any videos, documents, links, surveys, or social media channels you want your audience to access.


Step 1: Add Content

Text Box Character Count
Portal Browser Details 50
Description 150

Step 2: Add Design

Below are the file specifications needed for adding images to your Page.

Image Settings

Image  File Type Image Dimensions
Portal Icon/Tile PNG, JPG 350 x 270
Background PNG, JPG 1920 x 1080
Logo SVG, PNG 50 px high

Page Assets Requirements

These are the specifications for the different sections you can add to your Page.

Page assets allow you to manage your Courses, videos, documents, links, surveys, social media accounts. Learn more

Character Count

Text Box Character Count
Section Title  50
Title 50
Subtitle 50
Description 150

Image Settings

Image  File Type Image Dimensions
Icon SVG, PNG, JPG 48 x 48

SVG files are strongly recommended for the icons. They should be responsive and saved as a square.


Click on the links below to download working files (.PSD):

The files linked above include a safe zone layer.

The primary focus of the image should be within the safe zone to ensure the image works in most aspect ratios.

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