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Integrate TIQ Software and your Brightspace LMS.

The settings and steps outlined below are automatically ported to the final version of the course. No further action is required if the test is successful.

1. Add the module to Brightspace

We will provide you with information that looks like this:

  • Identifier (Entity ID): 
  • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): 
  • Relay State:
  • Course URL (same as the relay state):

2. Add module thumbnail

The thumbnail will be provided to you by our team by email.

Thumbnail example

3. Test Single Sign-On

Click on the module from Brightspace, as a standard end-user.

You should see something like this, with your name above the Start button.


4. Add Pass/Fail setting in Brightspace

The Grade Item is required to be Pass/Fail to work with TIQ.

5. Provide TIQ with CourseID + GradeItemID

This usually looks like:

  • Course ID - 7552
  • Grade Item ID - 1412

After sending TIQ the information above, we can schedule a call with your team to complete the remaining steps.

6. TIQ adds CourseID + GradeItemID to their system

The settings provided are added to our API. This is to enable Brightspace to mark the module as completed.

7. Complete the module + Check Completion Status

Play the two tasks as instructed in the module.

Let us know when you have completed it, and if the module was marked as completed.


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