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Before you get started with Advanced options, please make sure you understand how Quickify AI badges work.

These are advanced options. Be careful when overriding system settings. 

Where do I edit Badges?

Navigate to the specific course and Activity that you want to edit or navigate to your Activities list and choose the activity type and specific Activity you want to edit.

Not all activities award badges. 

Once you've navigated to your Activity, scroll down until you see Advanced Options, click the down arrow to open Advanced Options > Badge Override.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 8.10.03 AM.png

Can I see some examples?

Here are 3 examples including system default, alternate achievement, and customer specific learning reinforcement Badge styles. 

Platform Default Screenshot__3242_.png
Example 1 Screenshot__3239_.png
Example 2 Screenshot__3238_.png





Use shorter titles and descriptions.

  Character Count
Name 25
Description 60



Custom image guidelines.

File Type SVG, PNG
Image Dimensions 140 x 140

Download the working files: Image Resource (.Ai, .SVG)

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