Understanding Simple Integrations

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TIQ Software offers two Integration options - Simple and Advanced.

In this article, we'll focus on Simple Integration requirements for your Intranet, LMS, HRIS, etc.

Step 1 - Understanding Simple Integrations

Simple Integrations are one-way, free engagements that require work by both your technical administrator and the team at TIQ Software.

With a Simple Integration, your user:

  • Signs in to their workplace environment (Intranet, LMS, HRIS, etc.)
  • Navigates to your TIQ Software courses
  • Clicks on a link
  • Engages with your courses in a new tab 
  • Completes their courses

Your user doesn't have to sign in again to access your courses - they are automatically authenticated by TIQ Software.

In a Simple Integration, there is no additional data being passed between TIQ and your systems. If you want a completion token to be passed from TIQ Software to your Intranet, LMS, HRIS, etc., you need an Advanced Integration.

Step 2 - Simple Integration Requirements

Here's what we need to assist you with your Simple Integration:

  • Confirmation of your SSO protocol 
  • Direct contact with a technical expert from your organization
  • Testing options:
    • Direct testing by your technical expert
    • A test account with access to your system (optional)

Step 3 - Configure your SSO protocol

Talk to your technical administrator to confirm your preferred SSO protocol

Step 4 - Access your analytics

TIQ Software provides a detailed Analytics Dashboard included with your monthly subscription. The Analytics Dashboard delivers estimates, downloadable performance data, and content intelligence.


Do you use SCORM packages or xAPI protocol? 

We do not use SCORM or xAPI. Instead, we connect via API as described in our Advanced Integration article

Can pass data to my LMS/ HRIS?

We can only pass a completion token in an Advanced Integration. You can access all of your performance results including content intelligence in your analytics dashboard


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