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Step 3: Try the demo

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The Quickify AI learning experience is different from a passive point and click learning experience. Our users love Quickify AI, but it's important that you understand how courses, including interactive activities, work to elevate the overall experience.

Complete both the Quickify AI and Onboarding courses before you start editing.

Try a Course

Once you've logged in, click or tap on the Quickify AI or Onboarding tiles on the Start screen.


Start a Course

Click Start to launch your course.


Engaging with Activities

Click or tap on each course activity. They unlock in a sequence and you'll get an understanding of how activities elevate the end user learning experience. 


Each activity unlocks individually, in a step-by-step sequence, awards points, and a badge.

Next Step

When you're finished both the Quickify AI and Onboarding demo courses, you can start editing.

Next, let's Access the Admin Panel.

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