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With over eight years of development and testing, activities deliver your information in a fun and engaging way, award points and badges, and track user progress. Every Quickify AI course is powered by the following 12 interactive activities:

Visit Interactive Activities for an overview and article that details how to edit each activity.


Classify is a drag-and-drop activity used to sort content into categories, such as terms, policies or product features.


Conversation is a role playing scenario that presents your user with a conversation between two characters, followed by any activity - True or False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, etc.

Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank is a drag-and-drop style activity where your user must select the correct word to complete the sentence.


Flashcard is a one page information activity. It provides additional learning or context, paired with an important image and often acts as a transition. 


Matching presents your user with key terms or specific words that they must match to a specific definition.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice presents a question with 4 answers, and your user tries to select the correct answer. An image can be added if needed.


A Popup is a unique activity that is specifically designed to end your course. It includes your important call to action messages and links (external form, survey, quiz, etc.)


Popups do not award points or a badge and should only be used as your last activity.


Situation is a role playing scenario from a first person perspective. Your user is presented as an observer of a workplace situation (e.g. incident, customer service, hazardous items, etc.) followed by any activity - True or False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, etc.


Slideshow is an activity that presents your user with text and images to help explain a topic. It includes a slider that displays the percentage of the slideshow completed.


Sorting is activity designed for instructions, processes, or simple chain of command content that must be ordered correctly by your user.

True or False

True or False is a simple A or B choice activity where your user must try to select the correct answer.


Video features an executive, promotional video, product demo, or other important information.

You can a link from Youtube, Vimeo, or add a direct link to a publicly available video file (e.g

Videos should be 5 minutes or less or you will break the user experience.

Videos hosted on SharePoint or Dropbox will not work when added as part of a Video activity.

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