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Step 9: Launch your learning program

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Once your Quickify AI learning program is ready to launch, you'll need to publish each part individually (Home, Start and Courses).

This is for security. It's to ensure that you can edit and publish each section in the future without it affecting your entire program.

How to publish

  1. Click on the section you want to publish: Home, Start, or Courses.
  2. Scroll down to Publish.
  3. Click the Publish button.  

Tips for a successful launch

Some next steps to consider now you've finished your training project:

  • Running a campaign or competition
  • Get the message out to your users

Running a campaign or competition

Want to add a campaign or competition that's tied to your training? We have experience with that!

Check out our series of articles on how to set up and run a successful campaign at the end of your training. 

Get the message out to your users

It's important to let your users know there is new training, and let them know how to access your system.

Sample Email

Here's a sample welcome message that you could send:

We've created a new online learning experience.

You can access our corporate account by visiting the following web address and creating an account:


This online learning will present scenarios and decision making challenges on a variety of topics.

Next Step

Great job! Your users should be using your learning program. 

Last but not least, let's Access Your Dashboard.

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