Step 5: Use the Editor

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The Quickify AI editor is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to edit and personalize the content and design of your learning program and store your important images and documents.

Getting Started

On the Start screen, click Admin Panel at the bottom of the screen.


Admin Panel

  1. From the Admin Panel, click Editor.
  2. The Editor will launch in a new browser tab.


Access additional links to helpful resources below the main Admin section.

Editor Sections

There are 6 main sections dedicated to editing. 


Overview Useful links, information and tips to get you started in Quickify AI.
Home The Home page is where your user creates an account or accesses Login. You can edit your welcome text, background image, and logo.
Start Start is where your courses are displayed as a series of image tiles or channels. You can edit your welcome text, background image, and logo. You can also adjust which courses are available to your users.
Courses Courses contain interactive activities. We help you get started with two demo Courses - Quickify AI and Onboarding. 
Activities You can edit, add, remove, mix, and match up to 12 interactive activities.

Next Step

Once you've familiarized yourself with the Editor, you can start personalizing your learning program.

Next, let's Edit the Home screen.

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