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How do I generate images?

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Prompts look complex but they're pretty easy to understand - they're detailed sentences.

Each image we've added to your File Library includes a prompt (sentence) that describes what the image is all about.

Generating a basic background image

A simple prompt to create an interesting background image for your course might be something as simple as typing the words 3D geometric pattern.

You'll generate something that looks like:


But what if you need something more specific, like a set of corporate characters for a interactive Conversation or Situation activity?

Generating advanced images

You could write something as detailed as this:

two executives, one male, one female, leaning against each other's back and arms crossed, in the style of atmospheric light, subtle lighting, sleek lines, contrasting light and dark tones, traditional african-american, sharp edges

You'll generate something that looks like:


How about if you want to create a 3D map that looks like a custom training world?

You could write something like this:

isometric city from above with 4 clearly separate districts

You'll generate something that looks like:


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