How does new user account creation and activation work?

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You have different options to manage how users access your Quickify AI site.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

User Signup options

New users sign up for your learning program by going to your  domain, create an account, and can either access it right away, or be approved by an Administrator before they can use your learning program.

You can set your new user Signup Verification Method to either:

  • Admin Approval (Default)
  • None

What does each option mean?

Admin Approval (Default)

Every user account created must be approved by your account Owner or an Administrator before they can login to your learning program.

Since each new user counts towards your subscription plan, this option is particularly helpful to manage how many people access your learning program and confirm their identity.


A new user can sign up at your domain and immediately access your learning program. They do not need to have approval from an Owner or Administrator.

Each new user will count towards your subscription plan, so keep that in mind when selecting this option. 

Where do I edit End User Signup?

In the Quickify AI editor, navigate to Home in the left side menu. 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click the dropdown arrow to open the Advanced Options
  • Under User Signup, select the Signup Verification Method you want to use
    • Admin Approval (Default)
    • None
  • Click the Save button in the top right corner to save your changes
  • Click Publish for your changes to take effect


You can switch between Admin Approval and no approval at any time.

How does Admin Approval work?

User account creation

Once your user has your domain (link) they have to self-register by creating an account. 

If you have set your User Signup method set to Admin Approval (Default), when a user creates an account, they can't login automatically.

Your user will get a notification on successful signup that looks like this:


Approving users

Every time a user creates a new account, they are on hold until you approve. 

For security, this ensures that you know the name and email address of the person trying to access your learning program.

You'll get an email directly from Quickify AI to review your user:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address

All you need to do is click Activate account and your user will get an email with login instructions.

Don't know who's signing up? You can ignore the request. 

Here's what the Administration activation email looks like when someone signs up:


After clicking Activate account, you will see get a confirmation message that looks like this:


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