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Activities, Scenarios, and Media

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Quickify AI drives learning engagement with a complete set of interactive activity, role-playing scenarios, and media inside each course of your learning program.

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Engagement Quickify AI is based on the addition of 3 types of interactive elements:

Amazing interactive activities

Quickify AI includes industry-leading interactive activities as the basis of your course. Activities help you deliver your information, award points and badges, track user progress and work seamlessly with your learning program. 


Realistic role-playing scenarios

In your business, understanding tricky conversations and simulating role-playing scenarios are the key to helping your user succeed.

With Quickify AI you can present your user with a scenario involving a conversation between two characters followed by any activity to test retention and comprehension.

You can also place the user in a specific situation, like having to make tough decisions in a customer interaction, followed by any activity to make sure that your points of emphasis are landing. 


Supporting media

You can start your courses off with a quick Slideshow or short video to introduce what's important.

During your course you might want to add a quick popup up with important information from your company or a character as a reminder.

Lastly, finish up your course with a call to action popup that asks your user to complete an engagement survey, complete a quick quiz, fill out a form to be entered into a prize, etc.


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