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We've created a 10 step Quickify AI Quick Start Guide to help you deliver a premium learning experience in no time!

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your account
  • Add your images and content
  • Adjust interactive activities
  • Check your analytics dashboard
  • Get help and support

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Start here

Learn how to create your free Quickify AI account, Login, and why it's important to try our Quickify AI and Onboarding demo courses before you edit.

The Quickify AI CMS

With Quickify AI, it's easy to edit your learning program. Quickify AI includes a powerful but simple Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to customize and personalize your learning program in real time - without a learning specialist, designer, IT professional, etc.

Authoring and editing

Quickify AI includes industry-leading interactive activities as the basis of your course. Activities help you deliver your information, award points and badges, track user progress and work seamlessly with your learning program. 

Publish and share your experience

With one click, you can publish and share your learning experience link with anyone, anywhere on any device - they can even use their own email address! It's easy to give your users self-directed access to your learning program.

Your Dashboard helps drive your learning experience

Your Analytics Dashboard delivers help you measure both individual and group-based performance. With Quickify AI you get instant information that helps support your users and also shows you how you can improve your learning program content and delivery - it's the data-driven way to improve the learning experience.

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