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Music and sound effects (Audio) play an important role in the overall Quickify AI experience. 

A lot of our customers don't have video (or can't afford it) so in order to create an immersive experience, we've added ambient music and sound effects to our activities. 

Where are my audio files?

Navigate to your Media Library and you'll see that we've added some Music and Sound Effect files for your learning program.

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Where can I find audio files?

We have a commercial license to Uppbeat.io and we'd recommend checking out their audio library. They have some amazing artists creating the perfect audio for your project at very reasonable prices. 

Can I upload my own audio?

You can add your own audio by uploading audio files to the Music and Sound Effects folders in your Media Library.

Can I remove the audio and sound effects?

You can, but it's a bad idea. We had a customer try it and the response back from their users wasn't positive. Always use ambient or light audio (we've included it) and simple sound effects for the best user experience. 

Can I add voiceover?

You can but we'd recommend against it. It's time consuming, expensive and most likely your user has their sound turned off (it's researched and documented that this happens). Also, think about the cost of making adjustments. If only one word changes across your learning program, you'll need to re-record. 

Can I animate text along with a voiceover?

Nope. We don't support it. It's a dated/ poor user experience that forces all users to learn at the pace of the system. We always show the complete text right up front. Learners with lower literacy levels can take their time, while more advanced learners can read more quickly. 

Can I edit or customize?

Quickify AI has a set of default audio files that can be edited as part of Advanced Options. Visit Advanced Audio to learn how to customize audio in your activities.

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