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What is intelligence?

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Quickify AI Intelligence lets you see how your team is performing on each question in detail so that you can make adjustments to your information that will impact your users and deliver better results.


Detailed Look

Each activity shows how long your users are spending on each slide and question on average, what percentage of your users pick the correct answer the first time, and how many times each incorrect answer has been selected.


Date Range

You can select the date range to review by using the tool at the bottom of the page. This is especially useful if you've made changes to your content over time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the number next to the Activity Title?

Number of seconds spent on average by your users on the activity.

What happens when I update the copy in a question?

The data remains under each question to let you compare the new content to the old one.

What happens if I delete an activity in my course?

The data for that activity remains available for future reference. The deleted activity will be highlighted in red in the list.

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