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What are insights?

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Quickify AI Insights deliver report with individual performance results like completion time, percentage complete, badges earned, location and other specific data.


Reports generated remain listed on the dashboard for a week. You can always generate a new report at any time.

What is included in the report?

Here's how to interpret each column included in the .CSV report:


userID Unique Quickify AI identifier 
score Total number of points earned by each user.

Number of tasks completed by each user.

awardsUnlocked Number of badges (awards) earned by each user.
percentageComplete Completion percentage for each user.
completedDate Date and time when the user completed the course.
Note: Dates and times in the report are in
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
firstName User's first name.
lastName User's last name.
email Email address used by the user to create their Quickify AI account.

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