How do I add or remove an administrator?

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Managing Administrator permissions is part of the Quickify AI Dashboard.

Getting Started

Go to your dashboard. If you're not sure how to access it, click here.

How to add an administrator

1. Click on the Manage Users


2. Click on a user you want to make an administrator


Account Type Account Color
Account Owner and Administrators Gold
Active user Blue
Deactivated user Red

You can see your total number of users above the user listings (e.g. 1 - 11 of 11).

3. Click on Make User an Admin


4. Read the prompt

5. To confirm, type ADMINISTRATOR and click OK.

6. Once confirmed, the name of the new administrator will turn gold.

How to remove an administrator 

1. Click on Remove User's Admin permissions


2. Read the prompt

3. To confirm, type REMOVE and click OK.

4. Once confirmed, the name of the user will turn blue.

How to confirm if a user is an administrator

After an administrator accesses the Editor, they will appear in the User Directory.

The User Directory keeps a record of all the users who are currently, or previously were, administrators. You can see their current status in that section under the Status column.


Status Description
Active This administrator has access to the editor and can make changes to your learning program.

This administrator no longer has access to the editor and cannot make changes to your learning program.

Note: Suspended administrators can still access your program like a regular user would, unless they have been deactivated.

The User Directory only lets us you see a list of current and former administrators. To manage administrator permissions, you have the use the Dashboard.

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