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We use 2 main fonts in Quickify AI. Our Editor uses Inter, and our learning programs use Verb. The fonts cannot be changed and are default in the system.


Font choice affects the readability, accessibility, and retention of information. Our font choices contribute to creating a conducive learning environment that supports effective learning outcomes. 

Quickify AI uses fonts that minimizes eye strain from prolonged interaction while still maintaining user engagement. Clear and legible fonts can improve comprehension, reducing cognitive load.

We also chose our fonts based on their multilingual capabilities.

Inter Font

Inter is a variable font family carefully crafted and designed for computer screens. Inter features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. 

The Inter typeface family is multilingual and features over 2000 glyphs covering 147 languages.

Verb font

Verb is a 72-font sans-serif super family, giving it immense flexibility in design work. 

It is also a multilingual font, and supports a variety of language specific letters, accents, etc. 

The characters designed in Verb font are distinct from one another. This reduces the likelihood of confusion between similar-looking characters (like 'I' and 'l', or '0' and 'O'), which is beneficial for users with dyslexia.


We use specific line spacing and padding around text for better focus and readability. This is also why we have character counts for all text boxes. 

Studies suggest certain fonts can aid in information retention and recall. Fonts that are easy to read and well-spaced can assist in better memory retention.

We follow best practices for typography set out in the Material Design standards, which Apple, Goggle, and other companies use.


Choosing accessible fonts ensures that all users, including those with visual impairments, can easily read the text. Fonts with good contrast and readability support accessibility standards.

User Preference 

Inter and Verb fonts maintain their clarity and legibility across different devices and screen resolutions. This consistency ensures that the text is accessible regardless of the device or screen size the user prefers.

Editing Options

When editing text inside our editor, each text box will display the style options at the top of the text box, where allowed. 

Style options on a text box



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