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Every Quickify AI course starts with an Introduction Message. This will automatically appear when the user transitions from the course details screen into the course proper.

You can customize the Introduction Message's text and image in the editor. 


The Introduction Message is crucial as it sets the stage for the tone of the course and helps orient your users. A well-crafted message can encourage users, provide guidance, or communicate expectations. 

You can write different content for an Introduction Message, such as: 

  • Welcome message from an individual
  • What to expect from the course
  • Specific instructions or direction 
  • A warning or critical information 

Welcome message from an individual

A personalized or motivational welcome message can engage learners from the start, sparking interest and enthusiasm for the course content. 


What to expect from the course

Your message can communicate your expectations or summarize course objectives, helping learners understand what is required of them. 


Specific instructions or directions

If there is something your user should know before they begin, you can give your users direction.


Warning or critical information

If you need to highlight important information, you can give your users a warning before they begin the course proper. 


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