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Every Quickify AI Start screen has the same layout, with a logo and text on the left, and the course tiles on the right. This layout is the system default and cannot be changed. 



Start is the first screen your users will encounter after they have logged in and where they will see the course(s) available to them. 

It's also where you, and any of your administrators, can access your Admin Panel.

Start can have multiple courses displayed. Courses appear in a series of image tiles or channels. The tile layout provides a visually organized structure, making it easier for your users to navigate.

The tile, or channel, format was chosen for consistency and user familiarity with other software, such as Netflix, Playstation, Xbox, etc.

Customizable Sections

The customizable background image and logo provide branding consistency, while the text can be edited for a unique welcome message or instructions. 


How many courses can I have on the Start screen?

The Start screen is designed to allow as many courses as needed. The layout has automatic vertical page scrolling once a certain number of course tiles are added. 


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