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Inside your Quickify AI course, your users have access to a menu with a variety of helpful functions. 

When you open the Menu inside any course, you will see the following options: 

The last activity in a course automatically transitions your user to the Menu. 


Allows your users to quickly and easily view how they're doing in each course.

Progress will show: 

  • Percentage of the course completed
  • Points earned
  • Badges earned
  • 3 most recent badges unlocked



Here, your users can view the badges they have earned, and if there are any to unlock still. 


To learn more about Quickify AI Badges, check out this article


The course Library is your resource center for important links and documents your users will need to access as part of the course. 

This is an important tool to help deliver further training materials, policy documents, forms, or any additional content your user needs to review. Even with a 20-30 minute course, if you have more material, your Library resources can increase the overall learning time if specific training hours are required.


This is not your File Library in the editor. The course Library is specific to each course. 

Report an issue

If your users encounter any problems, they can find instructions for contacting support and frequently asked questions to help resolve issues.



If you users wish to learn in silence, they can mute the course audio. 

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