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A grid layout in Quickify AI courses promotes better organization, navigation, and user engagement, contributing to a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. 


We found, even with sequencing, users would get lost and were unsure of what activity to do next. This increased completion times and made some users frustrated with their training. 

Grid layouts provide a visually organized structure, making it easier for learners to navigate through different activities. It optimizes screen real estate, presenting key elements effectively without overwhelming the user. This consistency helps users focus on the content without distractions.


Grid Layout Examples

The grid defines how and where activity icons are organized and is determined by the amount of activities per course. These layouts are system defaults and cannot be changed.

Layout Example
3 activities quickify-ai-3-task-grid.png
4 activities quickify-ai-4-task-grid.png
5 activities quickify-ai-5-task-grid.png
6 activities quickify-ai-6-task-grid.png
7 activities quickify-ai-7-task-grid.png
8 activities quickify-ai-8-task-grid.png
9 activities quickify-ai-9-task-grid.png
10 activities quickify-ai-10-task-grid.png
11 activities quickify-ai-11-task-grid.png
12 activities


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