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Customizable backgrounds are available in Quickify AI learning programs. You can change the background image on your Home and Start screens, and for each course.


Backgrounds and messages allow you to add your own images to your learning program. 

Customizable background images provide you with a tool to enhance branding, engage learners visually, reinforce content, and create aesthetically pleasing and personalized learning programs.

For background images, we recommend 1920 px x 1080 px or a 16:9 ratio (PNG or JPG).

Customizable Background Images

You can change the background image on your Home and Start screens, as well as each course background.




Because of the white text on Home and Start, and white icons in courses, lighter background images do not work in a Quickify AI learning program. We recommend darker images, as it creates better visual contrast.


Customizable background images allow you to incorporate brand elements, such as logos, colors, and visuals, aligning the course with your brand identity. 

Visual Engagement

A well-chosen background image can enhance the visual appeal of the course, making it more engaging for your users. It can set the tone, create ambiance, or illustrate concepts, contributing to a more immersive learning experience.


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