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The icons we use in Quickify AI comprise simple geometric shapes that visually represent their different uses. There are specific icons in the course and the editor. The icons cannot be changed and are default in the system.


Icons play a vital role in interfaces, delivering valuable information in a compact size. Their design should be simple, contemporary, and approachable.

Example of Course Icons in completed state

To maintain consistency and readability, their small size demands strict adherence to guidelines while conveying essential information.

All our icons are designed following Material Design guidelines.

Activity Icon Behavior

In a course, the activity icons come in 5 different states, and inform how a user should interact with them. These states are universal in all courses to promote consistent user interaction across all Quickify AI learning programs. 

The 5 different icon states are:

State Description
quickify-ai-icons-active.png Active
quickify-ai-icons-active-hover.png Active (rollover state)
quickify-ai-icons-completed.png Completed
quickify-ai-icons-completed-hover.png Completed (rollover state)
quickify-ai-icons-locked.png Locked

In the course, icons have custom text labels under them which provide detailed activity information.

Course Icons

Each individual activity icon has been designed to represent a unique activity.

Icon Description
quickify-ai-activity-classify.png Classify
quickify-ai-activity-conversation.png Conversation
quickify-ai-activity-fillblank.png Fill in the Blank
quickify-ai-activity-flashcard.png Flashcard
quickify-ai-activity-matching.png Matching
quickify-ai-activity-multiple-choice.png Multiple Choice
quickify-ai-activity-popup.png Popup
quickify-ai-activity-situation.png Situation
quickify-ai-activity-slideshow.png Slideshow
quickify-ai-activity-sorting.png Sorting
quickify-ai-activity-true-false.png True of False
quickify-ai-activity-video.png Video
quickify-ai-activity-locked.png Locked (all activities)
quickify-ai-activity-replay.png Replay (all activities)

Editor Icons

The icons in the editor visually represent the different parts of your learning program.

Icon Description
quickify-ai-interface-login.png Login
quickify-ai-interface-start.png Start
quickify-ai-interface-courses.png Courses



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