How do I comment on items?

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Comments is a collaborative tool in Quickify AI that are left on an item in the sidebar and remain there for you and other admins on your team to view.

How to leave a comment

  1. Navigate to a Course or an Activity.
  2. Click Comments in the page sidebar.
  3. Type your message into the input box.
  4. Click the Submit button.


You can also search and mention any admin by typing the "@" symbol along with their name or email to send an in-app notification directing them to your comment.

Emojis are not currently supported in Quickify AI and will appear as "????" if used in a comment.

How to edit or delete a comment

Each comment displays the time it was created in its upper right-hand corner.

  1. Hover over the comment and three dots will appear.
  2. Click Edit to edit or Delete to delete the comment.


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