What are the Layout Options?

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The Quickify AI Layout Options allow customization which provides intuitive displays to view and interact with your items in the editor.

In this article we will cover:


Customization controls can be found in the following two locations.

  • Layout Options — Located in the right side menu
  • Subheader — Located just below the page header on the right side


Changing your Layout

  1. Navigate to the Information menu in the top right corner
  2. Click Layout Options to open the Layout menu
  3. Choose the desired Layout you want to use
  4. Customize the Layout as desired from the Subheader options


Layout Options only apply to each specific administrator account. Other admins will not be affected by your layout choices and vice versa.

Layout Options

Each section in the editor will have various Layout Options for viewing items.

The Layout Options supported in our editor are:

Certain information formats may not be functional with certain Layouts.

Layout Options not supported in our editor are:

  • Calendar
  • Map
  • Kanban

Cards Layout

The Cards layout displays items in a card (or tile) format. You can set the Image Source, Title, and Subtitle in the options menu. 


You can further adjust the view of the cards from the Subheader options.


Table Layout

The Table layout shows your items in a vertical list. 


You can further adjust the table display with the Subheader options by clicking the plus sign and adding fields.


Changing the Library Layout

You can change how you view your files in the Library with the same Layout Options.

Your Layout Options affect how you'll see Library files when adding images to image fields.

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