What if I have too much content for one course?

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With Quickify AI you can have multiple courses as part of your learning program.

Activities per Course

Quickify AI courses can have a minimum of 3 activities, up to a maximum of 12 activities.

If you have too much content for a single course, we recommend creating multiple courses to maintain engagement. Learn more about how courses should be structured here.

You cannot publish a course that has over 12 tasks.


How will my users know which course to start with?

Label them with Part 1 and Part 2 in the course title, so it's clear which course to start with. 

In your Part 2 course, use the Introduction Message to tell your user they need to complete Part 1 first. 

Can I lock a course until they finish the first one? 

You won't be able to lock or sequence courses on your Start screen. Learn more here


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