How do I customize my administrator profile?

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In Quickify AI, you can customize your administrator profile to make collaborating with your team easier. You can also adjust the appearance of the editor.

Accessing your profile

  1. Click on User Directory in the Editor menu
  2. Click on your profile


You can also access your account by clicking the User button at the bottom left of the screen.

Editing your profile

  1. Click on the field you want to edit
  2. Adjust the information
  3. Click Save


Item Description
First Name Given name
Last Name Family/surname
Avatar Image to represent the administrator
Location Where the admin is located (e.g. city, country, office, or branch name)
Title Job title
Description A free-form text description
Tags Keywords for search-ability 

The Email and Password fields can't be edited from this section. Click here to learn how to change your password.

Changing your Avatar

  1. Click on the Avatar field.
  2. Select from one of these options:
    • Upload File from Device
    • Choose File from Library
    • Import File from URL
  3. Click Save


Changing the Editor Theme

To adjust the appearance of the editor (CMS):

  1. Scroll down to the Theme section.
  2. Select one of four options:
    • Default (Sync with project)
    • Automatic (Sync with System)
    • Light
    • Dark
  3. Click Save 


Admin Options

The Admin Options section contains read-only system settings and can't be edited.

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