Generating Activity Content Items

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Generating content inside Quickify AI's editor is easy. In each of our activities, you can generate content with the built-in AI tool.

Choose the Activity

First, navigate to the activity you want to create content for. 

  1. Under the left-side menu, click the drop-down menu under Activities
  2. Select the activity type. (For example, Multiple Choice)
  3. Click to open an activity, or click the Create New button to make a new one. This will open an activity for you to edit.


Generate Content

Our AI Assistant is always at the top of each question or slide.

  1. Under Questions, click the Create New button to make a new question. The new question will open in a side drawer. ai-content-new-question-quickify-ai.png
  2. Under the AI Assisstant, put your content into the text box labeled Enter your content. 
  3. Next, click the Generate a question button.


The AI will automatically fill in the question and answers.

Activity content generated is only as good as what you add. There are also limitations to what the AI can handle. For example, it's terrible at character count and sometimes can't get it right.

Review Content

Check the work the AI has generated to see if it works.

If you want something different, you can click the Generate a question button again.

You can still make edits to the content. 

When you're done, click the Save button to save the question content.


You must proof read and review any AI generated content before you publish. Be aware that AI can have biased content. TIQ Software is not responsible for the AI content generated.


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