Integrating Trajectory IQ (TIQ) or Quickify AI with Workday

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Confirm your users course completion status by integrating Trajectory IQ (TIQ) and Quickify AI with Workday.

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Both TIQ Software platforms (Trajectory IQ and Quickify AI) use the Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) tool to read a .CSV report generated by our API to update the course completion status in Workday.

Workday integrations for course completion require Single Sign-On.

Scheduled Reporting

  • TIQ automatically generates a .CSV report on a schedule (e.g. every hour)
    • This report includes
      • All users who have started and/or completed a TIQ course
      • User completion status for each course
  • TIQ automatically uploads the .CSV report to a secure location (e.g. your corporate FTP server)
  • The partner creates a Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) that reads the .CSV report generated by TIQ.
  • The EIB automatically adjusts each employee’s course completion status in Workday, running on the same schedule as the TIQ report (with a 10 minute delay for example).

Using this method, completion status can be reflected retroactively for courses that were already completed, before the Workday integration implementation.

Partner Integration Steps

  1. Setup your courses
    • Confirm that each TIQ course has been added as an external course in Workday 
    • Provide TIQ with the Workday course name ID to be included in the .CSV - Workday will generate this name automatically but you can adjust it (e.g. Course_Name_1)
  2. Create your EIB
    • Create a recurring Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) that reads the CSV report every 2 hours that will automatically:
      • Lookup the employee by employee ID
      • Lookup the course by course name
      • Set the completion status based on a column in the report that will contain the text “Complete” or “Incomplete”
  3.  FTP Access
    • Give TIQ access to a specific folder on your FTP server as the secure location for our system to upload the report on a schedule (e.g. every 2 hours)
  4.  SSO/SAML Adjustments
    • Add the Workday employee ID to the SSO SAML assertion set up for TIQ
      • TIQ will store this information in our identity provider (Okta) and use it to identify employees in the CSV report

TIQ Integration Steps (Quickify AI)

  1. Trajectory IQ API
    • TIQ will setup the .CSV report to be generated automatically on a schedule
    • Automatically upload the report to the partner's secure location (e.g. FTP server)
  2. SSO/SAML Adjustments
    • Add the Workday employee ID to the partner's user profile in our identity provider (Okta)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Workday documentation on EIBs and this integration?

  • You can find the EIB documentation here.
  • Reference Admin-Guide-Integrations.pdf
  • Search the document for Inbound EIBs

Does course completion status get reflected in Workday instantly? 

No. Workday completion status only gets reflected after the Workday EIB has processed a new scheduled version of the .CSV report (e.g. every hour)

Can I see a sample TIQ report that gets uploaded to our FTP server?

Our report only contains information already included in the SAML assertion, as well as the completionStatus, completedDate and courseID.



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