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What is a Slideshow?

This Task is used to introduce your audience to the content they will encounter in the course or chapter. ​Text and images are used to convey the key takeaways. 


How does the Slideshow work?

The Slideshow follows a format of individual slides with text overlaid on a picture. The audience clicks from slide to slide reading the text. It can be varied in slide length depending on the content needs. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows progress. 

When is it used?

Slideshow is usually the first Task an audience must complete before being able to complete other tasks. 

Tips for writing Slideshow

  • The ideal number of pages in this task is around 4-6 for the best user experience.
  • Slideshow is usually used as a brief introduction to a chapter or topic. 
  • Having too much copy per slide should be avoided.

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