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If you're new to TIQ, welcome!

This guide answers common questions about the platform, the services we offer, and how to get started.


What is TIQ Software?

TIQ Software is an all-in-one onboarding and training system. A TIQ Software Plan (subscription) includes content hosting, professionally designed layouts, support, and access to our user-friendly platform for creating an interactive and immersive project. 

What is a TIQ project?

A project in TIQ is created in 4 parts, a Login, Launcher, Portal, and Course. Here's a quick summary of what each part means...

1. Login - where your audience creates and account and signs in. 

2. Launcher - this is the first page your audience sees after they Login. 

3. Portal - this is the main page that connects to your TIQ Course(s) and your important links - videos, documents, surveys, communication tools, etc. 

4. Course - you might have one or more interactive Course (module, program, etc.) built using TIQ.

What is a Course?

Let's have a look at the pieces that make up a course or module. 

Courses are organized into scenes or chapters.

Within each scene, there is a series of tasks (slides, videos, puzzles, quizzes, scenarios) that are organized by topic for your audience. 


What is a Task?

Tasks are icons in a scene that represent a slideshow, video, puzzles, game, quiz, that your audience has to complete in order to progress through the scene. For a complete list of tasks, visit the Tasks + Game Objects section of our Help Centre.


What is a Badge?

When your audience completes a task, they are presented with a badge. Badges are notification pop-ups that act as completion markers and encourage your audience to continue. They also help your audience reset and refocus before they move on to the next task.


How do points work?

Each task awards 25 points for a correct answer and -5 for an incorrect answer. Our points system works to help your audience understand what they need to do to complete the task but it doesn't discourage them to the point of frustration should they answer too many questions incorrectly. 

What is in the course menu?

Your course menu instantly shows your audience their progress such as percentage complete points earned and badges unlocked. 

The menu allows displays the most recent badges earned and includes a full list of badges available, a library where you can include important documents, website links and videos, access to direct help and support, and the ability to mute software audio. 





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