Multiple Choice Image

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What is Multiple Choice Image?

This Task presents your audience with a question and 4 answers, only 1 of which is correct. You can write questions and answers based on the image to give your audience an added level of learning. 


How does Multiple Choice Image work?

This Task has a question at the top of the screen, an image, and multiple answers to choose from. The audience must select the correct answer. 

Tips for writing Multiple Choice Image

  • The ideal number of questions in this task is around 5-7 for the best user experience.
  • Because the position of each answer is randomized when the task loads, an answer like "All of the above" doesn't work. However, "All of these are correct" can be used to get around this.

  • There is less character real estate on the page due to the image, so the questions and answers should be shorter.

  • The image provided should support the question being asked.

  • Keep to one image layout, Vertical or Horizontal, for the whole task.

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