Why are my changes not getting published?

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This article will help you troubleshoot your changes seemingly not getting published from the Quickify AI Editor.

Browser Cache

Web browsers cache (save) the most recent version of websites on your computer for faster access.

Sometimes your browser can't detect that a newer version has been published and displays the cached version even after an update being published.

Clearing your cache will resolve this issue.

To learn how to clear your browser cache, check out this article.

Session Timeout

If clearing your browser cache hasn't resolved the issue, it is possible that your session has timed out and the browser has failed to detect it.

To resolve this:

  1. Close all Quickify AI browser tabs or windows
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Go to your project home (i.e. https://yourcompany.quickify.ai)
  4. Login using your username (email) and password
  5. Access the editor via the Admin panel at the bottom of the Start screen

Sessions timeout is more common if you have left the editor or your project open in a browser window or tab for over 24 hours.

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