Understanding Enterprise Integrations

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You can integrate Quickify AI in two ways - Simple (Single Sign-On) and Enterprise.

In this article, we'll focus on Enterprise Integration requirements for your:

  • Intranet
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Step 1 - Understanding Enterprise Integration

Advanced Integrations are two-way, paid engagements that require work by both your technical administrator and the team at TIQ Software.

Here are some important things to keep in mind about an Enterprise Integration:

  • For the best end experience, your users shouldn't have to log in multiple times to access your TIQ courses.
  • TIQ Software integrates with most modern HRIS and LMS systems.
  • TIQ Software uses Okta for SSO.
  • Any systems or SSO methods compatible with Okta are compatible with TIQ Software. Visit the Okta website for more information.

How it works...

  • Your user clicks on a link that you associate with your TIQ Software courses inside your LMS or HRIS
  • The first time a user clicks on your TIQ Software courses, a matching user is created in TIQ Software
  • This links your users to TIQ Software and allows for reporting in the TIQ Software Analytics Dashboard.

Step 2 - Enterprise Integration Requirements

Here's what we need to assist you:

  • Contact: direct contact with a technical administrator from your organization
  • Protocol: confirmation of your SSO protocol
  • Token or Key: an OAuth token or secret key so that TIQ Software can connect with your LMS/ HRIS
  • Testing: confirm your preferred testing scenario:
    • Direct testing by your technical administrator
    • TIQ Software testing - requires a test account with access to your system (optional)

Step 3 - Configure your SSO protocol

Talk to your technical administrator to confirm your preferred SSO protocol

Step 4 - Configure your LMS/HRIS with TIQ Software's API 

TIQ courses make calls to your LMS/HRIS API/web hook to report your user's completion of a course.

Your technical administrator will need to generate a secret key or API key for TIQ Software.

Here are the configuration details:

  • A TIQ course obtains an OAuth token using custom end point (your API) and secret key* provided by you (*optional)
  • OAuth token from above (or provided secret key) is then used to securely call your LMS/ HRIS API end points.


Do you use SCORM packages or xAPI protocol? 

We do not use SCORM or xAPI. Instead, we connect via API as described in this Enterprise Integration article. 

Is there any other data you can pass to my LMS/ HRIS?

We can only pass a completion token. You can access all of your performance results including content intelligence in your analytics dashboard.


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