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Every TIQ Software project comes with an administration dashboard where you can easily access your project analytics and reports.

Getting Started

  1. Open a web browser like Google Chrome.
  2. Go to your TIQ Software company URL. It looks like this...
  3. Enter the company administrator username and password provided by TIQ.
  4. Click the Admin* button in the top right corner. It looks like this...


    *Note: Only company administrators with specific access will see the Admin button. 

Admin Options

Once you've clicked the Admin button, you'll see a few options as follows:

  1. Dashboard: see your project insights, download basic reports, or take a deep dive in intelligence.
  2. Content Management: access your project in our Content Management System to update your portal information, comment on your content, and more. 
  3. Help: access Help Center articles to help you manage your project. 
  4. Portal: use the portal button to update any changes that you've made in our Content Management System.  


Your Dashboard

Clicking on Dashboard shows you a list of Courses, Links to additional Support, and the ability to add additional or new course Licenses.

Clicking on an individual course under Courses provides high level performance Estimates, individual reporting Basics, and group-based Intelligence. 



See all the highest level stats for your project at a glance. 



  • Click on the Basic button to see the reports panel. 
  • Click the Generate button to initiate a report.
  • Depending on the size of your project generating a report could take a few minutes. 
  • Under Recent Reports, click the Download button.
  • Open the downloaded report* .CSV file in the application of your choice (Excel, Numbers, etc.)


*Note: Reports generated are only available for up to 7 days, after which it will be deleted from the system. You can always generate a new report at any time.


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