How do I turn on cookies?

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You and your audience will need to allow third-party cookies so that TIQ Software can run as expected.

TIQ Software uses cookies to:

  • Log you into your account and save your progress as you edit your project
  • Allow your audience to login and save their progress.

Safari Mobile (iOS)

To enable cookies on your iPhone, please follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Scroll and tap on the Safari item
  3. Scroll down to the cookies settings under Privacy & Security
  4. Make sure that Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Block All Cookies are turned off.

Please note that you will need to restart Safari before the setting takes full effect.


    1. From the Safari menu in the main toolbar, click "Preferences".

    2. Click "Privacy".
    3. Ensure "Prevent cross-site tracking" is turned off (not selected).


Google Chrome

  1. Copy and paste chrome://settings/content/cookies in your address bar and press Enter. This will open the Cookies settings page.
  2. Make sure that "Block third-party cookies" is turned off (grey).


Microsoft Edge

  1. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Click "Settings". The Settings panel will open to the left.

  3. Click the gear icon on the left side of the Settings panel. The Settings menu will expand.

  4. Click "Privacy & security" from the menu. This will open the Privacy & security settings.

  5. Under the Cookies sub-heading, select "Don't block cookies".



  1. Copy and paste about:preferences#privacy in your address bar and press Enter. This will open the Content Blocking page.
  2. Make sure that "Standard" is selected.



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