This or That Statement

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What is This or That Statement?

The audience is presented with a statement and they must decide which option is the correct answer.


How does This or That Statement work?

This Task focuses on two key options as your A and B answers. The two answers should always be the same in each question, but the statement always changes. 

Tips for writing This or That Statement

  • The ideal number of questions in this task is around 6-7 for the best user experience.
  • Always compare the same 2 things through the whole tasks. It should always be the same Question and 2 answers for every question, with only the Statement changing.


Statement: The stars were out. Statement: She was getting sunburned.
Question: Is this an example of night or day? Question: Is this an example of night or day?
Correct: Night Correct: Day
Incorrect: Day Incorrect: Night



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